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Samantha looks at counsellors and their role

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Samantha Morris talks about counsellors and their role...

Hey! I’m Samantha – I am a Counsellor.

A Counsellor… What's that?!

I am a skilled listener, I am an experienced traveller on the journeys with others, I am the giver of space and time.

I help you set up a toolbox of helpful ways of organising your thoughts and feelings.

I am not the one with the answers, I will not tell you what you should do, I will not judge you or sympathise with you.

I will Empower you , Encourage you , Explore and Empathise with you…. All the ‘E’s’

Why should I see a Counsellor?

If you have a physical illness – a virus, an infection, you would make an appointment with your Doctor

If you have worries, feeling anxious, depressed or experiencing loss. You would make an appointment with a Counsellor.

Your Mental health is just as important as your Physical Health.

Samantha and the Tree of Life :

I love the words behind the Tree of Life.

What is important to you? Are these important to you?

· Personal Development

· Uniqueness

· Individual

· Beauty

· Strength

· Growth

· New experiences

· Striving

· Change

· Moving forward.

· Connections

Change happens, it happens when we are ready, it happens when we are not ready.

Just like a tree, you have everything you need to grow, develop, to change, to find your strength to find your beauty and your uniqueness.

Dave, Scott and myself at Triad Therapy can help you to grow and change during difficult and uncertainty times, we will be there on your journey in moving forward and striving for something new, better or just to be happy where you are.

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