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"It’s important to have someone on your side, someone to listen intently, be patient, and attempt to understand what’s happening for you..."


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Phone : 07555 802 462


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I now offer supervision to trainee counsellors and practicing therapists.

I qualified at The Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy in 2021, training under Bob Cooke.


Often, life is stressful, difficult, confusing and complicated. We carry the weights of our past and the fears of the future.

We’re expected to be so much to many people, and at times, this can feel very overwhelming.

In addition, life can sometimes be lonely, isolating and emotional. 


My aim is to work closely with you and help you find, recognise and work towards overcoming what you feel is holding you back,

causing you pain, or leaving you feeling stuck. Together, it is my hope we can help you find inner strength, grow and move forward. 


I practice an integrative approach to therapy. This means I can work with you using a wide range of therapeutic disciplines

that tailor to you personally, to help you uncover what’s happening inside of you. I may not have all the answers,

but I will be with you as we understand the barriers, forge a new beginning, and attempt to see things clearer.


I consider myself open-minded, with a spiritual side.

My goal and my mindset is to walk beside you on your journey to a more fulfilled, more contented you.

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