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“I will offer you the space, freedom and time to talk, cry, laugh and to share… helping you explore and make the changes you want to see and feel...”

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Email -

Phone :   07398 639 273 

Psychology Today Profile -

Hi, my name is Samantha.

I offer a non-judgemental , safe and confidential environment where you can explore what is going on for you. I will give you the space, freedom and time to talk, cry, laugh and to share …walking with you on your journey.

I am an Integrative Counsellor delivering one to one, mediation and couples counselling sessions.

I am able to offer you choice and flexibility when choosing counselling sessions.

By reading my profile you have taken the first step in focusing on what you need.

The next step is finding a safe confidential space to talk and share, I offer this opportunity where you can bring your worries,

experiences and challenges and be heard. 

What is going on for you? what would you like to achieve? I will be with you when you are finding your goals and when you take the step

in identifying how to reach them...

I am experienced in working with children, adults and developing work with couples.

I offer integrative therapy - a base of person-centred counselling, incorporating other therapies in order to meet your needs

and what works for you. This includes CBT, motivational interviewing and solution focused therapy.

I create a safe place for you to talk and be heard.

The sessions are yours. Together we can explore what is going on for you through discussions and exercises.

I will walk with you on your journey of identifying new ways of managing and dealing with challenges, using techniques and tools to help you in increasing and developing your confidence and self-belief. 

I want to help you get to where you want to be.

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