"I want to help you to create permanent change throughout your life... helping you to complete a successful journey to a more fulfilled and happier you..."


Email - dave@triadtherapy.co.uk

Phone : 07739 755 222

Psychology Today Profile - 


 I am now offering Supervision to trainee counsellors and practicing therapists.

I qualified at The Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy in 2021. 

Hello my name is Dave. My number one goal is to help you to identify, understand and conquer what you feel is holding you back.

By helping you to grow and change any aspects of your life which you believe are detrimental to achieving the things you wish for in life. 

I practice a wide range of disciplines including counselling and psychotherapy. My integrative approach will allow us to uncover and identify the origins of your habits and coping mechanisms. Through discussion and exercises, we can understand these barriers, for you to be able

to choose your own path, create a fresh start and have a much clearer mindset.